Local SEO For Your Business and Tips To Get Started

Starting a business can give you the freedom to do what you love and be your boss. For every type of business, you need a great marketing strategy to be successful and have a bigger opportunity to expand. If you’re just starting, it’s highly recommended that you strengthen your local marketing prowess first. Without the support from local audiences, your business would not be able to make it big at a national scale.

As some people say, you must start at your backyard or rather in your neighborhood for this matter. This is when local SEO can prove to be handy when it comes to getting a better reach in attracting potential customers to nearby areas. Today, we’ll put more focus on how local SEO marketing can prove to be useful for small businesses.

What is Local SEO anyway?

Local SEO allows entrepreneurs to market their business efficiently on local search engines. By utilizing a variety of methods to get a high rank in geographic searches, a particular company can reach local audiences who are searching for that type of service in their area. For example, one could search for a dentist in Cape Coral on Google and would get recommended dentists in the area.

What makes local SEO important?

The following infographic would show the impact of local SEO on businesses.

If you’re going to consider those statistics, local SEO can do so much for your budding business, and you’d be performing well even with bigger competitors.

What should I go to get started with local SEO?

There are a lot of strategies that are involved in creating a strong brand locally. We share to you some tips that would help you get a good start.

Set up your listing on Google My Business

It’s free to do, and this could help you list your business quickly on Google. Be sure to do the following steps:

  • Add descriptive information about your business which includes links to your site and social media accounts. Make your description unique.
  • Add great photos that show what your business is all about. You could take a picture of your shop, employees, products and so on. Invest in high-resolution photos to make an impression.
  • Choose the right category for your business.
  • Add your local phone number.
  • Add your complete business address and make sure that it’s the same one on your website.
  • Add your time and days of operation. Specify if you’re open on holidays or not.
  • If you have satisfied customers, you can add their reviews about your business.

BE consistent with your NAP.

NAP stands for name, address and phone number) which is relevant information to identify your business online. You need to be consistent with your NAP all across listings and platforms on the web as it would directly have an impact on your search ranking. A slight change in your information can render your online strategy less effective.

Work on your local link building.

It’s the right time for you to get involved on online directories such as Yelp to get more exposure for your business. Aside from those directories, you can even tie up with other local websites that are related to your business such as local bloggers. You can offer to do a guest post or ask them to create a review of your products or services. Another great idea is to join on local events and coordinate with local media to help you with a press release.

Optimize your website for local searches.

You would have bigger chances of showing up on local searches if you optimized your site appropriately. For instance, your title tags will need to be relevant to your location. You can say something like “Graphic Designer Brownsville TX” or whatever your business is and where you’re located. If you don’t much time to focus on the optimization of your site, you can seek the help of a local SEO company.

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