How to find the right SEO Company

When you are a first timer in the industry of blogging, hiring an SEO Services company to build your small business rank in primary search engine companies such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing can be an overwhelming experience. It feels like talking to a doctor then hearing several medical jargons you have never heard before. So, how will you be ensured that you are talking to the correct SEO services provider?

SEO and Google word

Always remember that not all SEO companies are created equal.

First and foremost, you should consider transacting with a firm that offers these five common search engine optimization services because these services are essential to your business. Follow this guide to ensure you are on the right track, after all; you can’t afford a costly mistake.

#1 – Keyword Research and Strategy

Keyword research is mainly significant in an SEO project. Before a business can create a plan to improve its ranking and traffic, one has to know first which keywords to target. In general, each page of your website should focus on one or two unique keywords. You should have enough pages to cover several keywords. For instance, if you are an internet marketing company that offers services such Content Creation, and Social Media Optimization, you need to look for keywords that will include these two areas.

#2 – Content Creation

Content word

Once you got the list of keywords you will need, it is the job an excellent SEO company to also help you in creating new pages to rank those keywords. You will want to work with an SEO consultant or agency that will help you produce new pages that include targeted keywords because, after all, your website simply won’t rank if these keywords are nowhere to be found.

#3 – Page Optimization

Search engines are programmed computer, and sometimes they also need support to ensure that they understood the topic of the page. A good SEO consultant or agency will do content and technical modifications to ensure that search engines will be able to recognize your websites as well as your customers. This type of SEO service is perfect for small businesses because it is affordable and the ROI or return on investment is good.

Your SEO services provider might do some of these things for you:

  • Include keywords and synonymous words in the body of the page
  • Make the best out of the anchor text of links on the page and to the page
  • Create a more extended content to receive a better reception from search engines
  • Add notations to the images to help search engines understand them

#4 – Link Building

Link building

Placing the keywords on the page is not the only thing you will need to be on top of the result pages. Nevertheless, other pages on the Internet also contain those same keywords. So how does Google figure out which ones to rank in which positions? The answer is by determining the quantity and quality of the links directing to the page. It considers both internal links that come from other pages of your website and external links from other domains. External pages are much more important than internal ones so your SEO provider should work more in building this part. According to a study made by SEOMoz in 2015, 99.2% of all top 50 search results had more than one external link directing to the website. They also found out that Google rankings and the number of external links to the page have a Pearson Correlation of 0.30 meaning that it is highly significant.

Another thing to remember is the key to successful link building is not just quantity, but also quality. A good quality link comes from a relevant content so, if your SEO provider keeps talking about quantity then, you need to think twice before hiring them.

#5 – Technical Audit

Google and other search engines need solicitous attention when it comes to crawling and understand your website. An experienced SEO provider is skilled in these standards and has the required software tools to apply to your website. Generally, e-commerce and news sites need the most technical audit because of the multitude of the pages, and sophisticated navigation. Technical Audit is one of the most expensive SEO services. Fortunately, you only need to do this once every 1-2 years.

There is a considerable number that needs to sort out when it comes to SEO, that is why it is important to entrust it to a professional who knows the job. Optimizing your site’s SEO is a one-way ticket to your business success.

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